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From transporters to being transported

For centuries, horses have been our biggest and fastest form of necessary transportation. In recent years that has significantly changed as we leap into the age of fast involving technology! Horses are mainly used for sports or special application processes which have changed their value significantly. That is why we help you and your horses move forward safely and in comfort with best quality horse trucks from Horsetrucks for Rent.

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The story behind our horse trucks for rent

Just like you, we at Horsetrucks for Rent love our horses. And just like you, we understand they deserve the best. Especially on the road! Because that road is part of the journey. Your journey! On the road with horsepower, navigating towards adventures together. We know our way around the world of horse transport and are happy to help you on your way. Match your wishes with a comfortable and safe transport. This is how we ensure that you and your horses are safe and comfortable.

How it works

“Driven by the love of horses and the passion for quality trucks, we offer a flexible solution for every challenge. Every destination. And every goal. We are Horsetrucks for Rent, part of the journey, your journey!”

Shall we drive a sustainable road together?

Based on our vision, we travel the sustainable path together with our clients and rental partners towards a “greener” future. By providing a future-conscious horse transport today, we ensure that the generation of tomorrow can also continue that “green” path. Considering an option of sharing a horse truck and helping to reduce CO2 emissions with it. Other examples of sustainable horse transport from Horsetrucks for Rent are:

  • We rent energy efficient A-class horse trucks.
  • AdBlue/Euro 6D emission standard to reduce the pollution from exhaust gases (for Diesel vehicles).
  • Horse trucks equipped with LED lighting.

In these ways we minimize our ecological footprint and together we make the difference at the end of the ride!

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Renault Master T4 Scherpenzeel

Renault Master T4 Scherpenzeel

Renault Master T5 Delft

Renault Master T5 Delft

Renault Master T6 Kudelstaart

Renault Master T6 Kudelstaart

Renault Master T7 Exloo

Renault Master T7 Exloo

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